Calf Raises

Make sure you only use a chair of the wall for balance not rest your weight into the support. You want to use your calf muscles fully.

Beginner Recommendation: 1 set of 20 with proper form everyday.


Sit Ups

Proper technique is very important with the sit up. Don’t pull on your neck and make sure you use your abdominal muscles. Keep your feet flat on the floor and bring your chest to your legs.

Beginner Recommendation: 1 set of as many reps as you can with perfect form.

Towel Scrunches

Towel crunches help strengthen the muscles in the feet. Keeping this connective tissue both strong and flexible will reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries. This exercise will also help prepare the foot for the stress of running.

Beginner recommendation: 1 set of 20 on each foot everyday. If you reach the end of the towel before you’ve completed 20 then do it again until you’ve done 20 on each foot.