2017/2018 Indoor Team Schedule

Practice Schedule Coming Soon!

Our meet schedule will initially be based on the 2017 Indoor Meet schedule, which is found on


Once USATF finalizes their competition schedule for January we will let you know. We will have to adjust our practice schedule for January competition, which means that if a meet is scheduled on a Sunday we will have our practice on Saturday.

There are additional meets for High School athletes at Colorado School of the Mines in Jan/Feb on Thursdays (approx. 4 meets total). These meets are not USATF sponsored meets, but they are great competition and good preparation for HS Spring Track. We will post the schedule as soon as it is available.

Practices will begin on Sunday, September 17, 2017 at George Wallace Park. Starting in December we will move to an indoor facility. We have used Goodson Recreation Center in the past and are in the process of confirming our dates and times with them. Indoor practice times will either be 4:00-5:00 pm or 5:00-6:00 pm.


Unless otherwise noted or you’re given specific instructions, SBTC will register athletes for USATF sanctioned meets.


Make sure your athlete dresses appropriately for weather and wears proper running shoes with good traction. We all know how Colorado weather can be so breathable layers are best and a weather resistant jacket or windbreaker will keep your athlete comfortable while training. Your athlete may also need gloves or a hat in early season, depending on conditions. Please also note that there is NO bathroom facility at George Wallace Park, but there are some convenient stores and gas stations nearby, so make sure your athlete uses the facilities before practice. It’s also best to have your athlete eat a healthy, non-acidic meal no earlier than 1 ½ hours before practice and bring a full water bottle. You may want to have a recovery or protein drink available for immediately after practice.

Our practices are designed to progressively prepare an athlete to compete. Our focus is on building strength, agility, rhythm & timing,  speed & endurance, and proper running technique utilizing appropriate drills and conditioning. As the athlete builds a foundation of strength then that strength can then be converted to explosive power and speed. Competition is essential in our process as we are better able to assess you as a runner and an athlete and make the necessary adjustments and additions to your individualized training. We ask that all parents and athletes make a commitment to attend as many meets as they can. As much as running is an individualized sport there are plenty of opportunities for team building, such as competing in relays and having a team presence at the meets. Statewide, Regional, and National competitions are available and we would like all athletes to realize their potential and have the great fortune of qualifying for those meets.

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