Registration Extended & Team Updates

Some groups received our information late therefore we are extending registration until Wednesday, May 14. We will pro-rate fee for those athletes registering after 4/27.

Our Team Store for uniforms through Dick Pond Athletics will be going up in a few days and will remain open until Thursday, May 15 for uniform orders. This gives us enough time to have them made and shipped before our 1st meet on Thursday, June 5. We have decided to not compete in the 5/24 meet.

Make sure you dress appropriately for Sunday practice. It may rain or may have rained, but practice will still continue. Wear proper running shoes, layer your clothes, bring a windbreaker, hat & gloves if needed, bring plenty of water, and make sure you use a bathroom before you arrive as there isn’t one at the park. Do not eat closer than 2 hours before practice and make sure your meal is healthy. You may want to bring a recovery drink or protein bar for after practice as well

Let us know if you have any questions.


Coaches Michael & Eleanor Branch